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Stephan Link

    The Link Lab here at Rice University has a number of projects involving the study of noble metal nanoparticles. We work with them very closely and share the use of our laser setups between the two groups.

Vasanthi Jayaraman

    We collaborate with the Jayaraman Group at the University of Texas Health Science Center on a number of our biological projects. Working with their in house developed proteins we can study the molecular dynamics on a single molecular level.

Rigoberto Advincula 

  The Advincula Group at Case Western makes polyelectrolyte brush samples and polyelectrolyte thin film samples for FCS study.  We use these samples to study transport phenomena at the surface.

Richard Willson 

  The Wilson Lab at the University of Houston provides single and multiple charged polymer surfaces for diffusion studies.  We study the surface interactions of fluorescent probes to help build a better understanding of charge separated chromatography.

Tamiki Komatsuzki

  The Komatsuzki Group is a theory group at the Research Institute for Electronic Science at Hokkaido University in Japan which makes models for protein folding and state to state transitions.  We provide them with single molecule data so that they can verify their model systems.


designed by David Cooper and Nick Taylor  


The Bayesian Blink Filter and Wavelet Denoise Executable are Available!

        Blink Filter
        Wavelet Denoise

Particle Tracking Matlab executables

         Maximum Likelihood Estimator - Used to calculate the diffusion coefficient

STaSI State Finding Algorithm Matlab executable

         StaSI - Used to calculate the diffusion coefficient
         Slides - Journal of Physical Chemistry hosted slide discussion of STaSI